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Our Services

We offer tailored and indication-specific therapist training programs to all mental-health professionals interested in delivering psychedelic treatment in FDA-approved settings. Synchrony’s evidence-informed training programs equip professionals with essential expertise pertaining to the medical, clinical, and cultural dimensions associated with psychedelic treatment. Our training programs ensures clinicians have the knowledge and tools needed to foster the optimal clinical setting for a safe and effective psychedelic treatment process.


Therapist Training

We offer tailored and indication-specific psychedelic therapy on the medical, clinical and cultural considerations pertaining to the therapeutic application of psychedelics; supporting clinicians foster an optimal clinical setting and resources needed to safely and effectively deliver psychedelic therapies to patient populations. 

Protocol Design

We design evidence-based and indication-specific psychological support manuals and adjunct psychological therapy adherence protocols for psychedelic treatment and research studies. We provide consultation on the design of robust psychedelic trials, including defining the objectives, methodology and operations of psychedelic clinical trials. Further, we provide guidance pertaining to participant screening and assessment, site operating procedures, treatment setting optimization whilst adhering to robust safety and ethical protocols.

Supervisor Training

We support organizations building in-house expertise, offering organizational consulting and training based on gold standards of care and best practices, training the next generation of psychedelic therapist trainers and researchers.

Organizational Consultancy

We provide operational consultancy ensuring an ethical and efficient approach to the design of safe and effective treatment protocols, including developing site-specific standard operational procedures, patient facing documentation, patient recruitment and screening, clinical quality assurance and monitoring, staff management and supervision and on-going community and psychosocial support programmes.

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