Vision Statement

We envision a world where safe, effective, ethical and accessible psychedelic treatment is available to patients who have been failed by standard treatments; where people seeking mental health care feel supported, empowered and respected in their healing. To help successfully navigate these new models of care, Synchrony supports psychedelic clinicians and organizations in leading the way for a future with gold-standard psychedelic treatments accessible to all.

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Our Founders

As the Lead Trainers and Senior Clinical Consultants for Compass Pathways, Stephanie, Liam, and Mark have extensive backgrounds developing and implementing gold-standard training in psychedelic support. Together they co-founded Synchrony Psychedelic Training Institute to ensure the rigor of clinical trial therapist training is carried over to real-world dissemination of psychedelic interventions.

Stephanie, Liam, and Mark believe that the only way to maintain the safety and well-being of clients seeking healing through psychedelics is to train mental health practitioners and organizations to the highest standards of ethical and effective psychedelic practice. As such, the Synchrony curriculum is informed by evidence-based knowledge and the training model encourages embodiment of effective psychedelic support principles.  

Meet our experts

Stephanie Knatz-Peck

Dr. Stephanie Knatz Peck is a clinical psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and Director of Intensive Family Treatments at the UCSD Eating Disorder Center. She is co-investigator on two FDA-approved trials evaluating psilocybin for eating disorders and lead psychologist on an FDA-approved trials evaluating psilocybin for treatment resistant depression and anorexia nervosa. She has extensive experience delivering both psilocybin therapy and ketamine-assisted therapy and possesses training in a variety of models of psychedelic assisted therapy. She has served as consultant, subject matter expert and lead content developer for  Compass Pathways assisting with the development of content related to their psychological support model and therapist training program for indications including treatment resistant depression and anorexia nervosa. Her ongoing work with Compass includes the role of senior lead therapist trainer and mentor, which she has been involved with for the past 4 years. Stephanie is a member of the UCSD Psychedelic Research Consortium and passionate about developing and disseminating indication-specific psychedelic therapy models which reduce harm, increase safety, and leverage healing. 

Liam (Nadav) Modlin, MSc MBACP

Liam (Nadav) Modlin (MBACP) is the Psychology & Psychotherapy Lead in Psychedelics at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London. A clinician, researcher and lecturer with an interest in psychopharmacology and clinical expertise in treating psychological trauma, at the IoPPN Liam works as a research therapist, clinical investigator and therapist trainer on studies exploring the safety and efficacy of psychedelics. Liam also conducts trauma-focused qualitative research investigating patients perspectives around symptoms, self-management, and experience of currently available and novel treatments for psychological trauma. His lectures at the IoPPN explore psychotherapeutic models in clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of psychedelics, the potential applications of psychedelic-assisted therapy in military populations and psychotherapy in MDD and PTSD. 

Mark Burton of Sychrony
Dr. Mark Burton is a clinical psychologist working as a therapist, trainer, and researcher focused on psychedelic support models and exposure-based therapies. Mark is a trained clinical trial therapist for several models of psychedelic treatment, including those for psilocybin, MDMA, and 5-MeO-DMT. He is a therapist, lead trainer and mentor for Compass Pathways clinical trials, where he contributes to the development and implementation of the training program for the Compass Psychological Support Model. Outside of psychedelics, Mark’s focus is on clinical practice, training, and research in trauma-focused therapies. He is a lead trainer for the Emory Prolonged Exposure (PE) Consultant Training Program, which trains consultants to work with novice trauma-focused therapists. He is also a co-founder of the Mind Body Behavioral Institute, focused on delivering experiential training for exposure-based psychotherapy. Mark believes that well-trained therapists armed with effective treatments can help turn the tide of psychological suffering in our world.

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